Last night I uploaded a PPC campaign mainly based on product names for products from one of the CJ data feeds I was using. I added some expansion words like “buy” or “cheap” and then turned the campaign on. I came back today and decided to use the Google keyword tool in Adwords. I used the exact product name as the search term and to my surprise I received a list of keywords with partially really good search volume and almost no competitors bidding on it. In some cases there were keywords with solid search volume and nobody bidding on it at all. That is pretty cool as it allows me to add keywords that will bring me more impressions and hopefully more clicks to my landing pages. So, never under-estimate the power of other tools.

My landing page design seems to be Ok for Google because I received about 90% “great” quality scores with prices going down to $0.04. I will still need to split test the design, but for now it is a good start. This is my first data feed website combined with SpeedPPC software to build my campaigns. I am very excited and hope that is something that works out great. The merchant I am using has a tiered payout structure and so if I can drive enough traffic I can actually make quite some profit. The initial payout is low (below 10%), but once I reach the next level it goes into an area where I should easily turn a profit (so the theory at least). It’s too early yet to see how everything is going. I’ll keep you posted.