Affiliate Commission Tracking Problems

Just a short update today. I had contacted Commission Junction due to a problem with their links. The DNS for my affiliate link domain (their cryptic domain) was down and so all my links went into nowhere. I noticed this late last Friday and it took until Sunday for the links to work again. No matter what I had opened a support ticket to inquire about it and received a response today. The response was the typical blabla you often get in such cases (due to heavy volume, engineers working immediately on the case, bla bla bla). This seems to be a generic problem with CJ. Anyway – the support person who had responded also mentioned that my links would be working and that he saw $xxx.xx commission made through those links. Well, my account is not showing this and so I replied back to the ticket. Seems like my last PPC campaign was more successful than I initially thought. Now I just hope this gets resolved fairly quickly as I am eager to continue with my marketing efforts. I had placed most campaigns on hold due to the domain links not working. Now I need to check out first which campaign delivered the positive results.

I am also adding more content to my latest website and I hope that soon the first natural se-traffic is coming in. The domain is new and so it will just require patience on my side. But – I am thinking long-term and so it is not a big deal.

Today I received an inquiry for a domain name that I am holding for almost 7 years now. I am not doing anything with the name at the moment. So, I am not sad about the inquiry and if the price is right I might just sell the domain name. It is a 3 letter dot info domain name registered by me shortly after the dot info registry was live for the public. I know that a dot info is by far not worth as much as a dot com, but even a 3 (good) letter dot info domain is pretty hard to get nowadays. We will see how that turns out.