Advertising on Google Adwords is purely about volume. If you want to be successful on Adwords, volume should be on your mind. But hold on, I am not talking about uploading thousands and thousands of keywords.  Those will not get you the results you are looking. Uncontrolled uploads of keywords is like shooting with a shot gun onto a target 300 feet away. What kind of volume am I talking about? My latest tests show that if you spread out keywords into more targeted ad groups (and maybe even campaigns) you can get much better quality score ratings and better conversions. Before uploading keywords sort them into small groups of related keywords. The more targeted the keywords, the more targeted you can write your ads. The more targeted the campaign, the more targeted your landing page can be. And the more targeted your landing page is, the better your chances are converting the visitor into a buyer. I have been working with smaller ad groups and more customization on my landing pages and the results reflect what I mentioned before.

The approach now (for me at least) is that I test first if a campaign has enough foothold to be a success. If ad copy, keywords, landing page, and merchant website convert, then it makes sense to put more work in. That’s where volume comes into play. Sorting keywords into very targeted groups. Writing more custom ads, and adjusting the landing pages accordingly – those are the things you need to look at. 100 ad groups would mean you have a minimum of 100 different ads and 100 different landing pages. If you plan your PPC campaigns to be long-term this additional effort will pay off. Give it a shot and let me know how it works out for you.