Sometimes you got to be lucky to get a lot of search engine traffic, but more often you can heavily influence how much traffic you get from Google and the other search engines. I noticed a 10% increase in traffic on one of my websites pushing the daily number of visitors through the 1,100 barrier 7 days in a row already (knock on wood). I checked my stats to see if there is a clue where the traffic is coming from, but there is no clear indicator. However, I reviewed the keywords I am ranking for and noticed that the second part of my main website title is actually ranking very well in Google. “Well” as in being in the #1 spot on Google and what is even better – no Adwords on top of it. There are 5 Adwords on the right side of the search results, but that is it. A quick keyword check with the Wordtracker/Overture tool shows an estimated 267 searches per day and apparently I getting the majority of these visitors to my website. The second main keyword I am ranking for is a misspelled version of an extremely competitive keyword. I am ranking #2 for that keyword and again there are several hundred searches a day. The third major keyword (or better: phrase) my specific website is ranking for is the first part of my main website title.

So, looking at this data it shows that my entire website title is made out of two highly searched keyword phrases and combined helps my website to get over 1,100 visitors per day. Of course there is much more involved that makes the website rank well, but it shows how important a good choice of keywords in your website title is. In my case I know I only used the first half of my website title in SEO related link building pieces. The incoming link juice just helps my website to rank well for both parts of my website title. So, my recommendation is that you carefully research keywords and phrases for your website title. It also helps to combine it with a domain name if you can for new projects.

For the last few months I have not really done much with that specific website in regards to updating it. But I am increasing my efforts to better monetize the existing content. This website is the one that I am using to build an email list for a newsletter, but I also want to see if I can add some affiliate marketing income to income stream coming from this website. The website makes an average of ~$10.00 per day from Google Adsense, which is nice on one side, but kinda wasted on the other side as I am sure there are higher paying products out there that I can put up for promotion on this website. Anyway – it’s nice to see that even without any active promotion traffic on an existing website can grow to new heights (thanks, Google).