One a Day, one for the Web

I am slowly recovering from a long weekend of work for my full-time job. Slowly I am picking up momentum again and have been able to push some great content to several websites. I am reviewing products and publish those reviews with matching affiliate links. I am doing pretty good in my opinion as I have been able to update several websites with at least one article per day now. Fresh content is usually working out pretty good as search engines love new content. So, I hope to see a fair ROI on these efforts in the weeks and months to come. I still need to find time promote these new pages – either with some SEO or via PPC. For now the goal is to get the content out and indexed. The remaining pieces I am not too worried about at the moment.

I also bought two domain names that seem to get natural type in traffic from what I can tell. I will need to find a good content writer who can dive into the topic and provide me with ~20 on topic articles per domain. In the past I have used different folks for that, but with mixed results. The overall quality of work I am getting through forum members at has gone down the drain. It’s now the 3rd time that I have to start a PayPal dispute to either get my money back or the work done I paid for. Very frustrating. This did not happen once 12 months ago and I think DP is going downhill fast. Time to find another webmaster forum that is not so over-saturated and where members still try to provide value. DP feels different nowadays. The majority of the members seems to have 60 postings or less and are coming from India or Pakistan – I am not a racist – I rather want to point out the difference in mentality compared to when the majority of folks seemed to be from the US/Canada/Australia/UK. The moderation has also changed. I see several long time members being banned. And a few weeks ago I received a warning from a moderator for something I still don’t understand. Anyone of some other good webmaster related forums that cover a large variety of topics. I know and maybe one or two others, but ….