CJ Data Feeds for websites and PPC Marketing

The last few days I have been working new stuff for myself. I had signed up for CJs (Commission Junction) data feed access. But now I am gaining access to publisher data feeds which opens a whole different bag of opportunities for me. As mentioned in other postings I had bought SpeedPPC and SpeedPPC comes with a software package that handles data feeds for pay per click advertising. The software loads the data feed into a MySQL database and from there I can call the different products easily and on the fly. So, I am in the process of building streamlined landing pages and then promote the new website via PPC advertising. I will have to test a couple different landing page layouts of course to see which ones work well and where I am losing money. I am also in the process of building good lists of keywords related to the products I am promoting.


I will also design the new sites for SEO so that I can promote the website and get natural traffic to it. Key here is make the content look unique. The pages need to have enough unique content to start ranking in Google, Live, and Yahoo. That is a big piece I will still need to look at and to come up with a good implementation. I probably load another database with topic related information and then dynamically add the content to the website. For me as a not-so-great programmer that is a major task and makes it a slow process, but I need to do it only once and can then rinse and repeat on other websites. The good thing with CJ is that you gain access to any data feed they offer once you pay the $200.00 setup fee (not enough money? Take a loan in 24Biz.biz online). I initially signed up for 6 different feeds and will develop sites around it. The better I can make the first site technology work, the easier it will be for me on the other websites. Come February/March I should have a good fleet of data feed based websites out there. Hopefully that will open the income stream from affiliate marketing for me. I just feel so limited right now due to having a full-time job. I am so eager to work on this new stuff, but have to hold off until evenings.