Small Loans For Bad Credit – Cash Help For The People With Poor Profile

Cash plays a very important role in a man’s life. You may be at any place around the world you need some amount of cash to meet out your daily needs. This is a very true statement. But getting the cash is not as easy. Many times people face some kind of credit problems in their lives. These people want a spontaneous cash help. They do not want to wait much to get the loan approved. To help all such people who are facing some kind of credit problems in their lives, we have formulated some new loans. These loans are not only fast but also very easy to apply. These loans are known as small loans for bad credit.

Small loans for bad credit are actually very simple loans. These loans are mainly designed for the people of our country. You must be at least eighteen years old to get the loan approved. These are few conditions that you have to take care of while applying for such loans. Though these conditions may look very strict but a person should not be afraid of them. These are very simple and you can easily get the loan approved.

The loan borrowed through such schemes may be put to any use. This is one of the biggest advantages with these loans. Lenders do not put any condition on the application part of the loan. You may spend the money borrowed in any manner. They are only interested in knowing the time in which you would return their money back. Mostly these loans are meant for short term help. This cash help may be for a period of about few weeks only.

These loans may be obtained even by those people who are having poor records. It means that as a lender they won’t be checking your past records or credit scores before granting you the credit help. This is the most important thing about these loans. You are totally free to get the money even if you have some defaults in your name. The cash help in such loans varies around 1000 dollars.

The Importance of a good Title for your Website

Sometimes you got to be lucky to get a lot of search engine traffic, but more often you can heavily influence how much traffic you get from Google and the other search engines. I noticed a 10% increase in traffic on one of my websites pushing the daily number of visitors through the 1,100 barrier 7 days in a row already (knock on wood). I checked my stats to see if there is a clue where the traffic is coming from, but there is no clear indicator. However, I reviewed the keywords I am ranking for and noticed that the second part of my main website title is actually ranking very well in Google. “Well” as in being in the #1 spot on Google and what is even better – no Adwords on top of it. There are 5 Adwords on the right side of the search results, but that is it. A quick keyword check with the Wordtracker/Overture tool shows an estimated 267 searches per day and apparently I getting the majority of these visitors to my website. The second main keyword I am ranking for is a misspelled version of an extremely competitive keyword. I am ranking #2 for that keyword and again there are several hundred searches a day. The third major keyword (or better: phrase) my specific website is ranking for is the first part of my main website title.

So, looking at this data it shows that my entire website title is made out of two highly searched keyword phrases and combined helps my website to get over 1,100 visitors per day. Of course there is much more involved that makes the website rank well, but it shows how important a good choice of keywords in your website title is. In my case I know I only used the first half of my website title in SEO related link building pieces. The incoming link juice just helps my website to rank well for both parts of my website title. So, my recommendation is that you carefully research keywords and phrases for your website title. It also helps to combine it with a domain name if you can for new projects.

For the last few months I have not really done much with that specific website in regards to updating it. But I am increasing my efforts to better monetize the existing content. This website is the one that I am using to build an email list for a newsletter, but I also want to see if I can add some affiliate marketing income to income stream coming from this website. The website makes an average of ~$10.00 per day from Google Adsense, which is nice on one side, but kinda wasted on the other side as I am sure there are higher paying products out there that I can put up for promotion on this website. Anyway – it’s nice to see that even without any active promotion traffic on an existing website can grow to new heights (thanks, Google).

Combining SEO and PPC Marketing Efforts

Whenever I check specific markets to see if there is a niche that is worth it to me to give PPC marketing a shot, I check out the competition. In many cases I run into websites that are nothing else but PPC shelters – websites with no real content other than landing pages and surrounding “contact us”, “Privacy Policy”, and “About us” pages. These pages are usually added to gain some better Google Quality Score in Adwords. But other than there is nothing that would make it a real website. My approach to PPC marketing is a little different. Every website I build I also build with SEO in mind. I kick of my PPC campaigns, but I also do some minor SEO to get the website indexed in search engines and to eventually gain some organic traffic. Organic (free) traffic is great to have as it can provide income you don’t have to work for. Search Engine traffic is not a short-term thing really as it takes time to rank well for specific keywords. It also requires additional efforts to build the website. I usually spend some extra time to add unique content to each page to bypass some of the filters Google and other search engines have in place for duplicate content.

Several PPC gurus have also the suspicion that a website that has incoming links gets better Adwords Quality Scores assigned compared to websites or domains whose only reason of existence is the PPC traffic the owner wants to send to it. When doing PPC keep in mind that Google prefers unique and original content. Google does not like affiliate marketing as that is a huge problem when it comes to duplicate content. I am sure they will extend filtering efforts over time to shape the Internet the way they want it and not how the marketer wants it. If you are building a business for the long run your efforts should reflect this accordingly. I use WordPress to build my initial website and then add content. I can then manually join the landing pages into the mix without exposing them to the public that is trying to find out what I doing. WordPress is also good to use when it comes to SEO. It takes me about an hour to setup WordPress and to customize it for that specific website I am working on. After that it is just adding content – pretty smooth sailing if you ask me. SE-friendly links and a few other pieces are fast and easy to implement with existing plugins. Then it is just up to you how you add incoming links to a website.

Do cheap directory submissions help to really get more traffic?

Many many moons ago it was pretty efficient to have your website submitted to directory websites and traffic was scheduled to come in. This was a good deal and a great step when doing SEO for a website. Directory submissions always helped a little bit, even though traffic barely reached hundreds of visitors per day that way. I recently did a test on one of my websites and bought a 750 Directory submission package over at Digital Point. The initial traffic surge upon ordering the package was good. Many directory owners at least took a look and then accepted the website. I probably received about 70 or 80 confirmed listings which I think is pretty decent. But how much link value did I receive? Apparently not much because my stats show a pretty clear picture. 10 unique visitors just does not represent any significant traffic. I used to see more traffic on a new website a year ago. Directory submissions might help to get a website indexed, but they do not help anymore to get any significant rankings in search engines. So, for me that helps to decide to rather spend the $35.00 (or whatever it was) on other forms of SEO.

SEO has become more difficult and you have to be much more creative nowadays to drive traffic to your website. I am sure Google has already de-valued links from and other “top” bookmarking websites. Smaller bookmarking websites might still work for some link power, but in the long run every average SEO will use the same source to get links. The above average SEOs know better sources for sure and still find loopholes around the higher requirements. Anyone who has build up a network of folks has a significant advantage in today’s Internet traffic market.

Stop SPAMMERS with captcha

Almost all my websites point to a domain of mine where I host a helpdesk software. This is used instead of maintaining several “contact us” forms. This is a great way to streamline your communications and makes it easy for customers as well. The helpdesk is hosted on a domain name referencing my business name and therefore works for all my websites and I do not need to customize it. I am using Intellodesk as my helpdesk software. It was up to date when I bought it, but development has stalled since then and the software has a bug. This bug allows tickets to be submitted without being registered. Of course spammers figured that out and I am getting 10+ tickets a day filled with porn SPAM. Intellodesk is encoded software and so I cannot make any changes to it. I submitted a ticket to the maker and they offered to install captcha image verification for me, but that was the last thing I heard. No response and no action from them. Since I am not ready to spend $30 on Kayako (my next choice) eSupport Software I am kinda stuck.

So, I came up with a small (inconvenient) workaround. I moved the helpdesk to a different directory and installed a new page in the root directory. From there the visitor is asked to enter a captcha security code and then continue. If the code input fails I am logging the IP addresses of the visitors and will then enter them into my .htaccess files. If they succeed entering the code they can access the helpdesk and open a ticket. I figured if somebody really wants to contact me, the will have no problems completing this initial step – even though it is inconvenient.I also updated my robots.txt file to exclude the entire site from being spidered. Since this is my helpdesk I don’t need it in Google or Yahoo. I know this is not perfect, but for the time being the best thing in my opinion.

This also gave me the opportunity to refresh some of my PHP knowledge. I used a pre-existing script for the captcha and then modded it to do the extra IP address logging. Now IP addresses are dynamically inserted into the .htaccess file and spammers are banned. I am using session based information and upon 3rd try the IP address goes into the .htaccess. The code snippet to dynamically update an .htaccess file looks like this:


$ip = getenv(’REMOTE_ADDR’);
$handle = fopen(”../.htaccess”, “a”);
fwrite($handle, “Deny from $ip\n”);
echo “The IP Address $ip has banned from this domain due to SPAM.”;
mail(””, “Banned IP”, “Deny from $i”);

You can use this code for many other pieces and that makes it so interesting. Grab the referrer information for keyword or website that brought the visitor to your website and do something with it. Normal web statistic programs like AWStats do a good job, but it just does not tell you which keyword lead the visitor to which webpage of yours. You would need to do a lot of digging yourself to check search engines and rankings to gather that information. Now instead of piping that information into an email (like the example above does), dump it into a database or text file. We are going to use the HTTP_REFERRER variable for this. What is HTTP_REFERRER?

‘HTTP_REFERER’ = The address of the page (if any) which referred the user agent to the current page.

The following code snippet would display the keyword the user came of from Google in your PHP-based web page. Replace the “echo” line with what ever you want to do with the information (email, database, etc.). Register_Globals needs to be enabled on your server for this to work.

if(strpos($_SERVER[’HTTP_REFERER’], “”) !== false) {
$keyword = array_pop(explode(”&q=”, $referer));

Have fun getting better keyword information from your website.

One a Day, one for the Web

I am slowly recovering from a long weekend of work for my full-time job. Slowly I am picking up momentum again and have been able to push some great content to several websites. I am reviewing products and publish those reviews with matching affiliate links. I am doing pretty good in my opinion as I have been able to update several websites with at least one article per day now. Fresh content is usually working out pretty good as search engines love new content. So, I hope to see a fair ROI on these efforts in the weeks and months to come. I still need to find time promote these new pages – either with some SEO or via PPC. For now the goal is to get the content out and indexed. The remaining pieces I am not too worried about at the moment.

I also bought two domain names that seem to get natural type in traffic from what I can tell. I will need to find a good content writer who can dive into the topic and provide me with ~20 on topic articles per domain. In the past I have used different folks for that, but with mixed results. The overall quality of work I am getting through forum members at has gone down the drain. It’s now the 3rd time that I have to start a PayPal dispute to either get my money back or the work done I paid for. Very frustrating. This did not happen once 12 months ago and I think DP is going downhill fast. Time to find another webmaster forum that is not so over-saturated and where members still try to provide value. DP feels different nowadays. The majority of the members seems to have 60 postings or less and are coming from India or Pakistan – I am not a racist – I rather want to point out the difference in mentality compared to when the majority of folks seemed to be from the US/Canada/Australia/UK. The moderation has also changed. I see several long time members being banned. And a few weeks ago I received a warning from a moderator for something I still don’t understand. Anyone of some other good webmaster related forums that cover a large variety of topics. I know and maybe one or two others, but ….

Great Month for me at

I am happy to see my affiliate marketing efforts slowly getting grip. My stats over at are improving and I am very happy with the initial results. It seems like I am slowly moving up from a random conversion to getting more commissions more often. The other good thing is that it is spreading out between different merchants as well which I consider good. It is still a long way to go for me though. I accepted the “hit” when signing up for CJ’s data feeds which set me back $200.00 (one-time fee though) and I am happy to have that already absorbed and to actually see a positive balance in my account. Only a small fraction of my CJ earnings are coming from PPC traffic at the moment. For whatever reason I am getting a good grip on PPC traffic and CJ merchants. PPC traffic still works better for me with networks like Neverblueads or Copeac. From most networks I am using I currently like Neverblue Ads interface the most. For whatever reason I am not having much luck with my affiliate manager, but I have been too busy to follow through on that.

So, overall it is good to see the efforts I am putting paying off at least a little bit. Like I said, I still have long ways to go, but the results are motivating for me. In case you wonder – review type postings with text links have worked best for me in getting results in affiliate marketing. That is where I will spend additional time on this week.

Affiliate Commission Tracking Problems

Just a short update today. I had contacted Commission Junction due to a problem with their links. The DNS for my affiliate link domain (their cryptic domain) was down and so all my links went into nowhere. I noticed this late last Friday and it took until Sunday for the links to work again. No matter what I had opened a support ticket to inquire about it and received a response today. The response was the typical blabla you often get in such cases (due to heavy volume, engineers working immediately on the case, bla bla bla). This seems to be a generic problem with CJ. Anyway – the support person who had responded also mentioned that my links would be working and that he saw $xxx.xx commission made through those links. Well, my account is not showing this and so I replied back to the ticket. Seems like my last PPC campaign was more successful than I initially thought. Now I just hope this gets resolved fairly quickly as I am eager to continue with my marketing efforts. I had placed most campaigns on hold due to the domain links not working. Now I need to check out first which campaign delivered the positive results.

I am also adding more content to my latest website and I hope that soon the first natural se-traffic is coming in. The domain is new and so it will just require patience on my side. But – I am thinking long-term and so it is not a big deal.

Today I received an inquiry for a domain name that I am holding for almost 7 years now. I am not doing anything with the name at the moment. So, I am not sad about the inquiry and if the price is right I might just sell the domain name. It is a 3 letter dot info domain name registered by me shortly after the dot info registry was live for the public. I know that a dot info is by far not worth as much as a dot com, but even a 3 (good) letter dot info domain is pretty hard to get nowadays. We will see how that turns out.

Adwords is about Volume

Advertising on Google Adwords is purely about volume. If you want to be successful on Adwords, volume should be on your mind. But hold on, I am not talking about uploading thousands and thousands of keywords.  Those will not get you the results you are looking. Uncontrolled uploads of keywords is like shooting with a shot gun onto a target 300 feet away. What kind of volume am I talking about? My latest tests show that if you spread out keywords into more targeted ad groups (and maybe even campaigns) you can get much better quality score ratings and better conversions. Before uploading keywords sort them into small groups of related keywords. The more targeted the keywords, the more targeted you can write your ads. The more targeted the campaign, the more targeted your landing page can be. And the more targeted your landing page is, the better your chances are converting the visitor into a buyer. I have been working with smaller ad groups and more customization on my landing pages and the results reflect what I mentioned before.

The approach now (for me at least) is that I test first if a campaign has enough foothold to be a success. If ad copy, keywords, landing page, and merchant website convert, then it makes sense to put more work in. That’s where volume comes into play. Sorting keywords into very targeted groups. Writing more custom ads, and adjusting the landing pages accordingly – those are the things you need to look at. 100 ad groups would mean you have a minimum of 100 different ads and 100 different landing pages. If you plan your PPC campaigns to be long-term this additional effort will pay off. Give it a shot and let me know how it works out for you.

PPC Campaign Updates

I know I have been lazy posting more on my blog. Lazy is the wrong term – I have been caught up in so much other stuff that I just could not get a complete post written and published. Anyway – mixed results in my PPC marketing efforts. Got some great campaigns going and beat the Adwords Quality Score slap pretty much. Still missing conversions and that’s where I am working on. Testing different landing pages is very time-consuming – especially if you still have a full-time job like I do.

So, how’s my PPC stuff really going. Really Good and Really Bad. Let’s look at the good stuff first. My campaigns are getting very good CTRs and I have been fine-tuning keywords and stuff. Click prices are slowly coming down. I am getting good conversion results on product related keywords that directly hit the product page of the matching product. Bad is that it does not mean much traffic as it is very narrow and that means not many conversions (some though). I am also running campaigns on broad keywords that are topic related and link to a landing page from where the visitors would drill down to the products herself. Example: a product related campaign links directly to the specific product. Let’s take Rachael Ray cooking books as an example. If I link directly to the book with the matching book title as the keyword I am seeing conversions. If I run a campaign that links to the Rachael Ray Category site with several titles displayed, I am seeing crap. I am still using cooking books related keywords and the ad copy is detailed enough as well. The latter is the section where I can generate much more traffic and need to optimize my landing page(s) more because the traffic does not convert. I will take the weekend to grab the keywords that generated the most traffic and see how I can merge products and more generic keywords into a winning combination.


This is one of my PPC issues I am seeing. I am too targeted and then generate barely page views and the overall conversion volume is just not high enough to justify the efforts and I have not found a reliable way around it.  If you are more experienced in PPC – what would you recommend?

Anyway – I know I am blowing some money out of the window and I hope it is a good investment. It is at least good to know that my Adsense income is on track to be a record month for me. I am already way past the $1,000.00 marker for the month and today is just the 25th of January. January is traditionally a good month for me. A very large commercial website (they operate online and offline) always licenses content from me on a recurring base and I am expecting the check in the mail here shortly. I receive about $10 per content page and it comes out to be a very nice 3-digit check (closer to 4-digits than closer to 2-digits). Every year we add between 5-15 new articles to the list and this is a very nice stream of income. Enough for today. I am on call for my full-time job this week and was called into work at around ~1 AM and have been working since then (can you say 11th hour … lol). But that job is fun so far and this just comes with the package (every 10 weeks I am on call for 1 week).

PS: I am not promoting Rachael Ray Cook Books, just in case you were wondering. I am using a vendor that offers a data feed for their products.